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The Winter Cabin is now set for 2016!


The Winter Cabin will have some new gifts again this year!

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The new Slizurd Slots has a high score list now.


Slizurd Slots now has a win pool. It always starts at 100,000 NB! (if your betting the maximum). Whenever a single seven and/or blue bar appears, another 250 NB is added to the pool! The pool is site wide across all users so it can grow even when your not playing. You win the pool whenever you get a row of sevens or blue bars. The amount is bet adjusted, so if your only betting the minimum the starting 100,000 will be 1000 and so forth. You will see the pool value change as you change your bet.

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There are some new ghosts and treats floating around the Haunted Woods!

ghost 6 candy candy candy ghost 7


Oooooo... updated graphics for the new Slizurd Slots. The double up is working now as well. Kind of plain Jane so far - I just wanted to get the double up functioning.

slizurd slots seven slizurd slots seven slizurd slots seven


Slizurd Slots is nearing completion now with only the high score list and double up feature left to do. You now need to put cash in and take wins manually (for when the double up is finished). Hit the collect button just like other games to get your cash and winnings back out. You also get a free 1000 NB when playing for the first time. If you already played the new version before this post, have no fear. The Slizurd Slots database has been reset, so you get the free NB too! (the high scores are still from the old version) There will also be more work on the look and flashiness. Probably all new images too!

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Back when I first made the boards area on the site, I set it up so each board read from the top down like a page in a book. But seeing that it's not a book, I've changed it to read bottom up... like a... message board... on the internet :)

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Happy New Year!

I've renovated the layout again lately and finally got to work on the new non-Flash version of Slizurd Slots. It's up and running but I'm still adding and tweaking things. There are eight win lines now. Three across, three down and crisscross. You can bet a minimum of 8 (one per line) and maximum of 800 (100 per line). You can win on a simple pair of sevens or blue bars or even one of each anywhere on the screen. The regular, three on a line, also wins of course, as well as full screens of things like all fruits or all plums or the ultimate jackpot, all sevens! I'm out lining it in detail a bit here because the payout list page is not up yet. It's not connected to the high score tables either just yet. There still quite a bit to do to get it 100% complete. For now at least, score is calculated on the fly, so you only need to bet and spin!

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