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There was a glitch in the Winter Cabin which only allowed a few of the possible 14 candy canes. The cabin is now reset, so if you have already been this year, lucky you. You can go again!

red Candy Cane minty Candy Cane tablet minty Candy Cane red Candy Cane


Don't forget to visit the Winter Cabin this year :)

red Candy Cane minty Candy Cane tablet minty Candy Cane red Candy Cane

March 29 2013

You can now rename your neopals on this page if you want. This will come in handy once the new Neopal Recovery Center is open, which should be fairly soon. What's a Neopal Recovery Center you ask? It will be where all neopals that have been left starving and abandoned (left starving for six months or longer) end up, looking for new owners. Not only can you adopt or recover your once starving neopal, (if nobody else gets it first) you will also be able to leave a neopal there if your finding it too much to care for.

rename pal

February 17 2013

Well I finally got around to doing the first update of the year. Yaaaaaay! I've upgraded Number Quest. It looks a bit better and pays a lot more!

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