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A new batch of candy canes for Christmas at the Winter Cabin!

Tropical Candy Cane Fruity Candy Cane Tangy Candy Cane Sour Candy Cane Citrus Candy Cane Minty Candy Cane Cocoa Candy Cane


Your neopal now gets full much quicker and gets hungry much slower!

hotdog hotdog hotdog


Slizurd Slots has been updated with more ways to win and higher payouts!

Blue Bar Blue Bar Blue Bar


Well it's 2012 and I'm still doing updates. I made quite a few changes and a few additions to the site just after Christmas. The most obvious one being the new Winter Cabin in the Icy Peaks. Also, your neopal gets 'hungry' now and their 'mood level' should be changing before too long as well. There's been a slight makeover to Cube Control and The Wizard and I also fixed the color theme feature. It was tied to a browser cookie, but if your browser deletes cookies on exit, then you would have to change the color back every time you visited. It's now tied to the database where it belongs so it's saved with your account, not your browsing session. There's a bunch more small updates I won't bother to mention but since neopals can get hungry now here is some more food!

Banana Bread French Bread Butter Cheese Bread Pumpernickel
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