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merry christmas

From now on you can get your Christmas present from under the tree.



Figured I should get at least one more update before the new year. You can now visit Fangora every hour!



The Kraumloc Pixel Potion is working now, if you can find one that is!

kraumloc pixel potion


OMG another New Year!

There haven't been many updates on neolanz lately because they have all been on my computer, that is, my computer is now running Windows7. I also updated my development software. I am now running the latest version of PHP and also the latest version of Apache Web Server and the newest MySQL database and the most recent version of phpMyAdmin. So, lots of updates but none for the site yet. Well, after installing and configuring all the new software, the new setup complained about a bunch of minor coding errors on the neolanz pages that used to be suppressed by the old software, and I'm only about half way through fixing them. On a more positive note, a few people have contacted me about helping out with images and stuff. Let's see how that works out.

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