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I am currently working (at a snails pace) on a revision of Slizurd Slots. The new version will be made without the use of Flash, and as promised, (about 3 yeas ago) will have 8 win lines like mega slots. You can watch it progress, HERE as I add bits of code until it's complete. I'm also working on a new dice game called KEEP 3. You can watch it's progress HERE. I am also working on the Ink Bomb, Mud Ball, and one player fights. And some other stuff. And well it should all get done some day :)

orange plum bell mellon green bar cherry brown bar blue bar seven


Here is a nice new feature. Custom color!
Just click on one of the colors and bam! You now have a cool new interface color!

code code code code code code code code code code code


You can now have up to FIVE neopals! Yaaay! Some of the pages have had a slight makeover too. Your user page is where you can now choose your active neopal, if you choose to have more than one. I also found and fixed some bugs in the Fangora's Box pages so that should work better now too. I had to remove the styling from pal pages but soon you will be able to set the background color or image. I've updated the look of the Spiderbot battle page too. So fire up a new neopal and give ol' Spiderbot a few smacks for a chance at more rewards! Or just take your current pal there to have a peek at the changes.

shades slizurd camo squwerble snazzy fludderbug bumble fibion shades pegatan


Well I managed to get a new neopal done up so here it is. The Kraumloc. As per usual with a new neopal, there's no Kraumlok potion yet but you can try your luck at the Enchanted Tower. Hey at least I got another update out there before the year was over!

Yellow Kraumloc


What to do with this place? At the end of last year and at the beginning of this year, I was adding new features and updates every week only to have membership continue to decline. I'm going to leave the site up and running and will add stuff once I can get membership on the rise again. Hopefully I can get the ball rolling again one day. Until then it's on pause. I may add other off-shoots like the shapeshifter solver on the neolanz home page.

question mark


Mega Mart now carries musical instruments!

french horn guitar trumpet


These are the unique weapons that will be awarded for the top 10, 20 and 30 heroes, respectively, who battle Spiderbot.

laser phaser war hammer ninja stars


Happy New Year!

Here we go with another new year. As with the rest of the world I have been enjoying the holidays, but not getting a whole lot done on the site. However, there is a few new treats now just to keep things rolling.

Banana Lollies Chocolate Lollies Mint Lollies Blueberry Lollies Butterscotch Lollies
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