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merry xmas



Looks like skimpy and ken are the only ones to find and battle Spiderbot so far... and they're not talkin. Which is ok because the reward items, for when Spiderbot is finally destroyed, are not finished yet anyway.

All the rest of the neopals can now use the Invisible Pixel Pod!

invisible smitten invisible squwerble invisible vaux


The Rock Paper Scissors game has been updated. You can now get a higher score. The high score still needs to be adjusted to put the most recent equal score to the top. But at least you can get to the top of the list with an new higher score.


When you buy an item it will be put at the top of your inventory now, which makes more sense than at the bottom, where they used to go. The spontaneous occurrence is also being revised to include finding Health Potions, and it will be a tad more frequent as well.

I've been looking around for that Spiderbot but all I found was this scrap of paper. Looks like someone was trying to destroy a note of some kind!

torn note


If your going to fight, then your going to need some first aid. Good thing that there are health potions available now!

lame health potion weak health potion health potion strong health potion extreme health potion full health potion


As speculated, the Spiderbot has devoured every palpet! All that remains now are the various toy replicas. Sometimes you may see a larger toy and think it's a real palpet. But sadly, if you refresh the page you will see it was just an illusion. I think we should track down this sinister Spiderbot and destroy it! The Wizard thinks the Spiderbot will be tuff to beat so he is now going to bestow three times the stat points for completed quests!



Each neolanz page has a unique title now. That way your browser history for neolanz pages can be distinguished from one and other. Titles of neolanz pages will be upgraded further later on. There are also some new electronics items afloat.

antique_radio alarm clock dvd laptop


Palpets are being changed into toys. If your neopal has one, you might want to reclaim it before the neolanz spider bot comes along and snatches it away from your poor old neopal. Edible items are now the only items that are edible! The Wizard is looking for some help now and he grants your neopal one and a half times the stats points of the items he asks for!

green triskwid pink triskwid pink frizi green frizi


The Wizard is almost ready to go. I thought it would be done by now but it's taking a bit longer than expected. There hasn't been an update for a few days either so I whipped up a batch of donuts for the Coffee Nook!

lime donut grape donut lemon donut maple donut


Very soon now neopals will only be able to eat food items. Here is some more candy for those after meal desserts!

licorice blue rockcandy lime licorice grape rockcandy


You can visit The Wizard now, but he doesn't need any help yet. It probably won't be long till he starts to conjure up things. Then he'll be asking neolians that visit him to help find the right components for his creation! As for the new Invisible Pixel Pod, here are the neopals that can use it so far. The rest should be done soon too!

invisible pegatan invisible yeeskach
invisible rojab invisible shmylee


The Pegatan was the only pal that couldn't be made the Shades color.
Now it can!

shades pegatan


The Invisible Pixel Pod!

Invisible Pixel Pod


There is a few more items that needed finishing up and are now ready to go. The items are really starting to pile up now! Speaking of items piling up - you can only hold about 2500 in your inventory and about 2000 in your store. After that, you risk items being dropped! There will be a few changes later on so that you'll be able to hold much more. Here are the newest.

double burger leg of ham steak Printer roast ham shrimp_platter


database has been rolled back about 8hrs to correct some errors.

On the up side, you can now sort shop items. When you click on a stocked item, you now have the option to move the item(s) to the top or bottom shelf.


The other two shops I mentioned before are open now and the Squwerble can now be colored Snazzy!



There are 3 new shops open now, with lots of items. The biggest (has most items so far) is the Food Shop in the rolling hills and then Zippy Take Out and Coffee Nook in Mega City, respectively. There is two more ready to open but don't have fronts yet. One of them is, Leela's Chocolate Eggs, which will be replacing Mystery Bird, who will be doing something else soon. There's 47 new items now. Here's a peek at six.

Blender Hotdog Pinapple Pumpkin Pie Glass of Water Microwave Oven


Halloween! OOWWWwwwuuuu!!! The new item database and shop re-stocking method are done, along with a few new graphics and page layout changes. Now it will be faster and easier to add more shops and items. If you didn't get a chance to see the Jack 'o' Lantern on the home page, here is a scaled down version. rawr



There is 2 new items available in the Gold and Gems store. This updates page is now showing how many visitors we get plus, the date year will now be shown in full.

Brooch Gold Ingot


The chat boards have been enhanced a bit. You can now use a few BBcodes (Bulletin Board Codes) in your posts! There are five you can use. [b]


[/b], [i]italic[/i], [u]underline[/u], [color=blue]ta-da![/color] and...saving the best for last, [img]image address[/img]. Speaking of images here are images of the newest four items!

Bronze Medallion Tribal War Beads Brass Medallion Glowing Blue Crystal


Fangora's Box is now giving the stats boost much more often. You can find Fangora in a good mood about three times every 2 days. Thats a bit less than before but you will also find the stats boost is now ten times more! Yep, four hundred points! Thats 100 to each stat!

All the rest of the potions makeovers are done too!
Here's a little peek at one more.
Plus, the Happo can now be Camo or Formal!

happo happo pixel potion happo


All the Pixel Potioins are getting a makeover.
There are four more with the new look now.

yeeskach pixel potion worca pixel potion squwerble pixel potion vaux pixel potion


The Fludderbug can now be bumble or camo!

fludderbug fludderbug


The hi-score charts are working correctly for blackjack, poker, hit4, numberquest, and cube control. All other games should be up to snuff very soon. I also have the Pixel Potion for the Pegatan working. There is one shop that sells them, if your lucky enough to find one in stock. You could get a free one just handed to you!

pegatan pixel potion


There's a new neopal to choose from. Holy flyin monkeys! It's the Pegatan! There's no potion for it yet so if you want one you will have to try your luck in the Enchanted Tower.

grey pegatan brown pegatan


The high score charts are still a bit wonky. Fixing it will slow down the updates, a bit... again... but on a lighter note, the Fibion can now be made Bumble or Snazzy! Of course, you'll have to find the right Pixel Pod and feed it to your neopal.

Snazzy Fibion Bumble Fibion


Three new Mystical Artifacts. yay! Hopefully something new can be added every week now, even if it's only three new items. Soon neopals will only eat food. Stats points will be increased with non-food items by giving the items to various up-and-coming neolian characters around the site.

Karma Shield Clay Vase Winged Scarab


I'm all done revising the current site so most of what happens around here now will be new stuff. The ads are new, but I'm not allowed to ask you to click on the ads. So I won't. I'll never ask you to click on the ads. If people clicked on the ads it would be good. But I'm not asking you to. You can if you want. I won't try and stop you. I'm just not allowed to ask.

The games I added back to the site didn't have the trophy and hi-score parts working. They do now :)

slizurd slots blackjack tictactoe


The games are back and running! Hopefully bug free. I'm also refining ALL the code so it will load faster and revise easier. After that I'll have to fire up my graphics software and add a few more items and pal colors.

slizurd slots blackjack tictactoe


I've been getting a lot done on the site now but it's all been technical stuffs. A bit of it is visible to those who know the site well. I'm going to try and add back the games I took off because of hackers. I have a better way to deal with them until I get the proper php game replacements done. I won't freeze them I'll just block then from playing the games they hack.

I made the sign up process super easy. You don't even need to enter your email. You can enter your email if you want later on, with the settings page. I recommend this for password retrieval. I also recommend using a recent version of Firefox or IE because that's what I test the site with.

firefox logo internet explorer logo


The year is quickly coming to an end. I'm slowly getting back to working on the site. I've been learning to golf and it's taking up a bunch of my spare time. Golf in the Canadian winter sucks so that should leave more time for programming!

golfball golfclub


neolanz was off line for most of 2006, and all of 2007 - 2008.
It's back up and I am adding bits here and there.
You're welcome to use the site as is.

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