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There was a glitch with the last 3 Palpets, the Frizi, the Triskwid, and the Cuzel... they're working now. Also, the Freezer Shack in the Icy Peaks is now open!

bubblegum icepop banana ice cream lime icepop


Number Quest, a new game for neolanz, is now up and running!

number quest trophy


Here is two of the requested new neopals, also, the Blackjack and Poker games both got a much needed makeover.

snazzy smitten card card camouflage vaux


Arm wrestling, Cube Control, and Collecting Interest programs have all been updated to the new, more functional and secure format!

max power


I re-wrote the programs for Fangora's Box, Mystery Bird, and the game Hit_4, so users that were having trouble collecting because of their computer settings should be able to collect now. You can visit Mystery Bird once a day, Fangora's Box every 10 hours, and play Hit_4 every 4 hours.



You can now buy three more Palpet's, the Frizi, the Triskwid, and the Cuzel!

orange frizi purple triskwid green cuzel


The Sport Shop in the Playful Plains is now stocking a few items :)

baseball baseball bat football


You can now buy a Palpet and give it to your neopal! To rename it or get it back go to your settings page.

green pj blue dox pink pj


One of the Mystical Artifacts will boost your Arm Wrestling !

mystical artifact mystical artifact mystical artifact mystical artifact mystical artifact mystical artifact mystical artifact mystical artifact


The neolanz stores now re-stock automagically! Yaaayy!! That means items will be harder to get now! Booo! Some will be Very hard to get! Nooo! Here is a few new candies to celebrate!

Lollies Lollies Lollies


I forgot the 2 avatars. Here they are.

avatar avatar


Here is 2 more new neopals.

snazzy vaux camouflage squwerble


Incase you didn't notice, the Arm Wrestling trophy and high score are working now.



The arm wrestling is up and running. I will be adding a trophy and high score for it soon. For now you can still give it a try and gain some stat points. Even weak neopals can beat Max_Power... sometimes. Even when he is warmed up!



I still haven't gathered enough steam to get the Arm Wrestling done but I did put up some more sweets in the Candy Cabin!

bar fudge candy bar fudge candy


The Mystery Bird is up and running!

sky egg pattern egg fluorescent egg mystery bird striped egg pumpkin egg spotted egg


RPS is live!

rps trophy RPS


Mega Slots is live!

megaslots trophy mega slots


There was a five day database rollback on the 10th. If you created an account between the 5th and 10th then it was most likely removed during the rollback. Just re-create the account and it should work fine.
When your neopal's stats increase from eating, their stats are now sent to a high score page. You get a nice new trophy for your userpage while your neopal is in the top ten.

stats trophy


Here is 4 more new neopals. I'm gonna take a brake from neopal colors and get the next 2 games and the next 2 dailies done.

snazzy fludderbug bumble nerdle formal fibion camouflage hootnik


There was a big error in the Store Till where any new purchase would delete the neobuks you already had in your till! It should be working correctly now.
There is now a page for viewing all available neopal colors. Go to the neopal creation page (top blue button on the skybar) and follow the link at the bottom of the page. There is also two more new neopals, the Formal Slizurd and the Bumble Happo.

formal slizurd bumble happo


You can now get a trophy for all the games, as long as your in the top 10 that is. If you get bumped out of the top 10 you will have to give up your trophy too! Then you can bump someone else and get it back! :)
When you block a user it will now stop them from sending you messages.
The very first two multi-color neopals are now live. A Snazzy Worca and a Camouflage Smitten!

poker trophy snazzy worca camouflage smitten blackjack trophy


You can now use your own avatar! Yay! Be careful though. If the image you link to gets changed, by someone or something, to a nasty or obscene picture, your avatar will be changed into the boring neolanz logo and locked forever! The settings page now has more room for a longer Real Name and Store Name and stuff. Incase you didn't notice yet, the user pages have had a slight makeover (custom backgrounds soon) and the neolanz hits counter is now on display on this page. (looky up there) Last but not least is the newest (they dont change your neopal yet) Pixel Pods. The Sportster and Astronaut ones wern't getting any votes on the polls so they - and the poll - were switched with Snazzy and Bumble for the rest of the vote. You can re-vote on this one.

new item new item new item new item


Polls and Transactions have been added to the site. To vote on the polls follow the link on the Boards page. To get to your transactions page follow the link on the Banking page. You can also access the transactions page from your store stocking page or when you collect from a game. The transaction page will get a bit more fine tuning yet but for all intents and purposes it's working fine.


Fangora's Box in the Wild Jungle is live. If your very lucky it will give your neopal a 40 point stat boost! I also added some exquisite pearls to the Gold and Gems store.

new item new item new item new item new item


TicTacToe and SlizurdSlots scoring has been boosted. Get a better score in less time!


I added a few more Mystical Artifacts.

new item new item new item new item new item


One of the new areas is up and running. As promised, it's the Enchanted Room in the Parched Desert. I am going to attempt to finish an area per week for the next 3 weeks. I will also continue to tweak scripts and images here and there as always.



The games can now be scored 5 times per day! This may stay in effect permanently or at least until there is 20 or 30 games to play. I also started planning 4 new 'givaway' areas. One for each of the current neolanz Places. The new Parched Desert area will be an Enchanted Room that will give you a chance to change your neopal's species. The new Wild Jungle area will be Fangora's Box that might give your neopal a huge stat boost! The other 2 are still a... big... secret. Ya... thats it... a secret.

game game game game game game


The store searcher is up and running. To use it, go to the main search page. Then search for an item. When the results appear, click on the item your searching for. A display page will appear with the items image and description. At the bottom will be a button for a price search of users stores (shopping).
I have set the maximum price for user store items to 1,000,000,000. This price will probably never be used for a sale, only for display. Some users have used way larger prices and it makes the pages look bad. I'll run a script later to fix the prices that users already set to over a billion.
I have also added a shop text area that you can use to welcome users or whatever. It can be up to 1000 characters long. You can also set the color of the text by entering a browser color as the first 7 characters. e.g. #FFFFFF Welcome would make the word "Welcome" in your store appear white. If you don't start it with a color value the text will be black. You have to go to your settings page (folder button) and click on the Store Settings button to make the changes.


The fed pose is finally done. Feed you pal something and see for your self! Your pal will also increase a random stat with each item you feed it. I also hope to have a new 'givaway' page in each of the four current places of neolanz soon. First I'll go look at the 'Next on the agenda' page to see what I have been putting off :)

fed yeeskach


I found another bug that showed you had only 0 neobuks until you collect from a game or logged out and back in, then all your neobuks would be back. It was the banking transaction that would leave a broken cookie. It's fixed now.


First update in AGES! I have 90 of the 126 fed poses done. I fixed a glitch that would let you alter urls and buy and view items in users stores for ZERO neobuks. I also fixed another glitch that would block the delete button on some messages.


Development is still out of commission until late March or early April. Thanks for all the help testing the site so far. Hopefuly this won't delay the grand opening to much.


My site development center is out of commission and won't be up anytime soon. The updates are on hold for at least 2 weeks.


The basic avatar set is up and running. You can change it from the profile page. Click 'profile' on the skybar and scroll to the bottom. The button there will take you to the avatar page. Just click the avatar you want and the page should jump to the bottom. If not, scroll down to the bottom. From there you can see the one you clicked in a seperate image. Then keep it by clicking the 'yes this one' button.



You can now change your store background, table (store items) background, table border width and table border color. To change the border width you must choose a border color too. Even if you set it to 0 (no border) you will still need to set a border color anyway (IE) to make it change. To get to the page where you make the changes, click the 'store' button on the sky bar. Then click the link above the picture of your store.


Everyones personal High Score list is now a link on their user page. I also re-worked the high score output so that if 2 players both get the same high score, then the newest one will bump the older score down a notch :)

I also added a new game Draw Poker.

poker logo

I haven't forgotten about the Avatars, More boards or the Fed neopal pose... They're just not complete yet. (getting there). And although the personal hiscore page is up... it will still be a while before I can get the trophys done.


w00t! Only 3 more and I can take a break from game programming. Yep... new game added! THE ALL NEW EVER AMAZING TIC-TAC-TOE! lol. Enjoy.

tictactoe logo


I have added a new game... an old favorite... Blackjack, to the games area. You probably didn't notice but things are picking up speed. It's mostly behind the scenes stuff but moving along well just the same. I still need to get 4 more games done before I can move off game programming for longer periods at a time.

A few nice members have offered a bit of help in the graphics department. I hope to have a submit page done soon and will be more than glad to check out your works.

blackjack logo


The Gold & Gems store is now open, and later today the Mystical Artifacts shop should be open as well.

topaz gem    emerald gem    ruby gem


Pixel Pods are now sold instead of given away, and the Candy Cabin is now selling various lolly pops, with plenty more sweets on the way. The Mystical Artifacts and Gold & Gems stores opening will not be far behind. The 'Next on the Agenda' list is a bit out dated (lots of it is done - yay) and will be refreshed very soon. Here is a peek at some of the candy.

lolly bundle    rocket lolly    flat lolly    


The new database is up and running. Now when accounts are created, userpages will display the date you started. If you already created your new account then you know that you need to provide a valid email to retrieve your password. You can also change your password now. Click the profile button and scroll to the bottom.

The biggest new change is that you can sell the stuff in your store. The neobuks get sent directly to your neolanz bank account. (direct deposit :) You can also give your store a name. You do that from the main profile page.


Games can only be played once per day again as we leave pre-beta testing and get ready for full beta testing. In a week or two the site will be reset for official-beta testing. Account sign-ups will then be validated through email. Validated accounts will have first chance at user and neopal names once the site is finally reset for the official opening. Thank you for helping with the pre-beta test!


w00t! is now an official web site :) No more ad banner! Can you feel it?!

neolanz text logo


Board has been repaired. Slizurd Slots now has a much needed preloader. You can feed your neopal. The 'Next On The Agenda' list has been extended. The neolanz bank now has a teller. You can now add friends to your 'Remember Friend' list.


Games can be played 100 times a day now during Pre-Beta testing.


The first items page on neolanz (Pixel Pods) is up and running. You can get there from the 'Places' button or clicking the neolanz globe at the bottom of the Skybar. You can then see the item on your 'Items' (top of the Skybar) page. The items in your Items page are clickable but the link does not yet exist.

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