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The new Egg Sweeper game is up and running. There is also a new trophy to go along with it. Some games have been removed until they are upgraded but the remaining games all have upgraded trophies! Slizurd Slots high scores are now also in the main High Score area again. You will need to collect winnings with the collect button for your score to be loaded into the main High Score area. Fangora's top prize is over 10k now and Hit Four now goes up to 9999!

egg sweeper trophy hit four trophy slizurd slots trophy


Oh ya...and the Chompex Pixel Potion of course.

chompex pixel potion


There is a new neopal available in all the standard colors.
The "Chompex!" Raaarr! :)

blue chompex green chompex purple chompex


The pal lookup page now has convenient (and much needed) direct links to other pals of the same owner. If it happens to be one of your pal pages, the link also switches to active pal. Same as from your user page but much more convenient.

red yeeskach green yeeskach yellow yeeskach
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