Batch File Namer

Change many file names or extentions at once

File re-namer

All files have been scanned with antivir logo before posting to this site.

Batch File Namer has been tested with Windows XP,7,8,10

This is a handy program but changing many files at once can really screw things up. You should know what your doing and also be careful!

screen shot

bfn screenshot

You may have to "run as administrator" to allow access to some folders. You could also set the BFN.exe compatability mode to Windows XP instead. (...Right click on the BFN.exe and choose the compatibility tab...)

This installer is kind of old school. When the installer opens, the info text says it cannot install if system files are open. This is pretty much useless information, just go ahead and ok it :) Next, click the huge button to the left with the picture on it to start installing (install takes about 1 second).

Download BatchFileNamer 2.0 Installer Batch File Namer shapeshifter solver tech 49 logo Sic Bo Tracker CAD